Mai phương xinh – Thi Miss teen 2011

Before the final contest participants brightened House of dream-life, Miss Teen Mai Phuong had an interesting meeting roam the streets of Hanoi. 2010, her college dance students of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong achieved many successes. This beautiful girl won the competition from ca French national school and in the Miss Teen 2010, Mai Phuong also has excelled as won the title of Miss Talent.
Not only won the award in big competitions, Mai Phuong also crossover into the road singing, modeling photos, play music clip … and during this time, Mai Phuong is also focused vocal and dance training to prepare for the final contest brightened life – House of dream is a competition to seek out the best five members to form a band of professional women.


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  1. larry says:

    She so fugly!

  2. đẹp ghê nhaaaaaaaaaa

  3. HihiMetal says:

    Chân đẹp, nhìn chỉ muốn kéo váy em lên :-p

  4. georges says:

    bonjour, miss teen 2011: Mai phong xinh est tres tres belle, je vous adore, bises

  5. tao says:

    ax vay ma cho len la dep
    vai hon`
    nhin mat trang bech giong con ma

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